Thank Yous

This film would not be made possible without the invaluable financial support of the following donors:

Faye and Lawrence Abrams

Sharon Azrieli

Danny Baum

Charlene Berger

Sam Blatt

Jodi and Eric Block

Raizel Candib

Rabbi Yonatan Cohen and Frayda Gonshor Cohen

Beth-Ann Cummings

eXplorance corporation

Sarah Faerman

Paul Flicker

Ruth and David Flicker

Esther and Hershel Frank

Foundation for Yiddish Culture

Adam Gavsie

Ilan Gewurz and Julie Shugarman

Anna and Aron Gonshor

Shirley and Abe Gonshor

Chana Gonshor

Steven Herskovitz

Bronna Levy

Karen Karpman

Sharon Kivenko and Alex Helsinger

Sylvia Klein

Edit Kuper

Lisa Peters

Jesse Prupas

Danny Rossner

Ronnie and Jack Roter

Bella and Stanley Sanderson

Eda Zimler Schiff

Leanor and Jack Sherman

Eve and Tommy Schreiber

Judy and Rubin Strauber

Ezra Soiferman

Joyce Tamara

Sara and Irwin Tauben

Bryna Wasserman

Nessa Wasserman

Kay and Jack Wolofsky

The filmmakers wish to sincerely thank the following for their involvement with the film:

The staff and Board of Directors of the Segal Centre for Performing Arts

Michael Applebaum

Shmuel Atzmon-Wircer, Anat Atzmon and Yiddishpiel – The Yiddish Theatre in Israel

Mark Bassel

Sabell Bender

Batia and Fred Bettman

Lily Blander

Pinchas Blitt

Eugenia Brenda

Chana Broder

Mendy Cahan and YUNG YiDish

Evelyn Cherniak

Alex Dafner

Motl Didner

John Dinning

Josh Dolgin a.k.a. Socalled

Chet Doxas

Pierre Duhaime

Harry Eliad and The State Jewish Theatre of Bucharests, Romania

Editha Fedalizo and The Panday Tinig Choral Ensemble

Billy Finkelstein

Colete Forest, Monique Quesnel and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Abe Fuks

Ella Gaffen

John Gilbert

Rafael Goldwasser

Danielle Guillaume

Corey Gulkin

Gabor Desmond Hegedus

Michelle Heisler

Abe Herring

The Jewish Public Library Archives

Tomi Kalinski

Karen Karpman

Nami Katz

Elan Kunin

Edit Kuper

Shaina Lipsey

David Mandelbaum and The New Yiddish Repertory Theater

Richard Martz

Zalmen Mlotek and The National Yiddish Theatre, Folksbiene

Morgan Moore

Robin Nobel

Liam O’Neill

Dan Opatoshu

Bradley Picken

Alyssa Quint

Yvette Ghattas Rambour

Chava Respitz

Warren Rosenzweig

Ronnie Roter

Jason Rosenblatt, Adam Stotland and Shtreiml

Moishe Rosenfeld

Alvin Segal, O.C.

Robert Scully

Andee Shuster

Sam Stein

Eric Stein and Beyond the Pale

Judy Strauber

Adina Singer

Jordana Singer

Golda Tencer and The Esther Rokhl and Ida Kaminska National Jewish Theatre of Warsaw, Poland

Bryna Wasserman

The Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre Archives

Jim White